Refractory materials

Our company is a supplier of a wide range of refractories for different industry sectors: in particular for the ferrous and non-ferrous industry, as well as for engineering, glass manufacturing and chemical industries.

 We offer most types of industrial refractories, such as shaped standard and special refractories, filling mass, refractory concrete, mortars, gunning mass and other refractories of different chemical and mineralogical composition.


Chemical and mineralogical composition of the refractories offered by our company:

  • Siliceous refractories;
  • Alumina-silicate refractories;
  • High-alumina refractories;
  • Magnesium refractories;
  • Chromite and chrome-magnesite refractories;
  • Carbone-based refractories;
  • Zirconia refractories.

Thermal generating units:

  • Blast furnace;
  • Blast furnace;
  • Electric arc furnace;
  • Induction furnace;
  • Mixer;
  • Iron ladle;
  • Casting ladle;
  • Vacuum vessel;
  • Tundish;
  • Continuous Casting Machine