Comprehensive solutions

It is no surprise that the supply of materials very often requires the fulfillment of design works or other engineering support. In fact, suppliers know better the characteristics of the delivered materials, and have more experience in their design and maintenance.

In such cases it is usual to carry out the supplier’s supervision over design and further maintenance of the delivered products.

Under heavy conditions of maintenance, which are common for refractories, the supervision over design and further maintenance is possible only with the use of protected computer devices.

It naturally leads to a comprehensive solution: not only delivering a necessary set of refractories, but also providing a project design, as well as the protected computer devices and appropriate software support.





Comprehensive solutions for the supply of refractories

Nowadays a broad range of refractories is used in industry; among others the current improved refractories, which are more efficient for thermal generating units.

However, the producers of current refractories not always list information of all chemical, thermal and physical characteristics of their products. As a result, only the producer of refractories can make more exact calculations of lining. Accordingly, as far as current refractories are concerned, it might be preferable to order the lining from the supplier.

Это приводит к тому, что расчеты футеровок точнее может выполнить именно производитель огнеупорных материалов. Поэтому в случаях использования современных огнеупоров проект футеровки лучше заказывать поставщику.

When the customer intends to use the refractories recommended in an already existing project, even in this situation the current developments, such as protected computer devices and modern software for lining monitoring of thermal generating units, would be very useful.

Examples of the comprehensive solutions in the supply of refractories

Here below are indicated the standard comprehensive solutions in the supply of refractories:

  • Comprehensive solution No. 1: refractories set + thermal generating unit lining design.
  • Comprehensive solution No. 2: comprehensive solution No. 1 + protected computer devices (laptop, tablet, thermal observation device etc.)
  • Comprehensive solution No. 3:comprehensive solution No. 2 + special software, developed for a specific thermal generating unit, which can fulfill an efficient monitoring of the lining.

The comprehensive solutions have at least two advantages: the comprehensive solution for the unit’s lining and a discount allowed for this kind of supply.