Computer equipment

Refractories are used in metallurgical, engineering, chemical, cement, sugar and other industries.

In such industries heavy or extremely heavy conditions are generally met. Adverse factors include elevated temperature, dust content, vibration etc.

Unspecialized equipment is not suitable under such conditions. This is particularly true with regard to computer equipment: laptops, tablets, personal digital assistants (PDA), mobile phones etc. At the present time no business can be successful without computer technology.


Fortunately, the modern computer industry produces protected computer equipment suitable for heavy work conditions. This ipso facto makes the customer of refractories a customer of protected computer equipment.



 Стандарты защиты

Computer equipment protection

The computers are tested in accordance with protection standards in order to check their protection level from the external disturbance.

Computer manufacturers usually employ several recognized standards in order to choose a suitable level of protection for each computer. These standards include industrial standard IP (Ingress Protection), developed for the electric devices, which can determine the equipment capability of  the particulate matter and liquid penetration resistance, as well as the American military standard   MIL STD (Military Standard).

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Protected computers

Today we have a wide range of protected computer devices: laptops, tablets, personal digital assistants (PDA), mobile phones, monitor displays etc.

These devices can be used under heavy conditions, such as dust, high or low temperatures, high humidity, and even under water. They can be dropped or hit without being damaged. They also can be operated even under the influence of vibration or in an explosive atmosphere etc.

Protected computers have the features mentioned above thanks to the breakthrough technologies. In particular, the case of the device made of magnesium alloys and strengthened by special crossbars does preserve structural rigidity. All the connectors are closed with pressure plugs. The junctions are protected by special gaskets. The hard disk is inserted in a special container with shock dampers and heating elements. The central processing unit’s cooling is guaranteed by the diffusion, which prevents penetration of dust and humidity.

Due to the above-listed features, protected computer equipment can be used in very heavy conditions: in metallurgical, engineering, cement, chemical and other fields of industry.