Design and calculation

Our engineers, thanks to many years of refractory products’ delivery, have gained solid experience in terms of refractory lining design.

Basing on such valuable experience we provide a broad range of consulting services, including design of different thermal generating units’ lining, applied at the metallurgical, engineering, chemical, cement and other industries.

The lining process is also efficiently monitored by our engineers, as well as further maintenance of the thermal generating units.

Lining design


Basing on the technical specifications provided by the customer our experts carry out the whole cycle of lining design for thermal generating units of any complexity.


 In the course of lining design we make thermomechanical analysis, prepare a full set of work drawings, calculate necessary quantity of refractories, provide recommendations for lining installation sequence, drying and heating temperature conditions etc.


We know all the nuances of our refractories.

Thermal generating units calculations


The basic kind of calculations in the course of thermal generating units’ design and maintenance is the thermal calculation, according to which it is possible to determinate the minimal essential thickness of lining layers, the temperature distribution in lining section and unit’s shell and the temperature of outside surface of the shell. Thermal calculation also allows to determinate the heat current in the environment and evaluates the thermal energy efficiency of the thermal generating unit.


 Temperature distribution throughout the lining layers allows determining expansion joints’ thickness during the lining process.


 Evaluation of temperature of the shell outside surface allows the unit to be tested for accordance with the engineering sanitary regulations of the industry. The shell outside surface temperature is contingent on lining wear, which permits to evaluate the lining wear by measuring the temperature of the shell surface without the unit shutdown.