Throughout the long history of the refractory production, industrial efficiency, application technology and quality of refractory products have been always improved. The development of refractory production and their application goes hand in hand with the general technological and technical development, as well as with the deepening of scientific knowledge. 

Nowadays we can see a qualitative leap in science and technology development, connected to the widespread use of computer devices and nanotechnologies, application of new materials and equipment. These changes completely involve the refractories and their fields of application.

Unfortunately, scientific and technological innovations are not always put in place in a short time.   

The goal of “RORKETON Co., Ltd.” is speeding up a roll-out process of scientific, technical and technological innovations at the enterprises of our partners. We see our mission in promoting the modern technologies, materials and equipment for the refractory consumers.

We aim to introduce the modern tendencies in the field of refractories, equipment and software for metallurgical, glass manufacturing, chemical and other high temperature industries.