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The article deals with the history and classification of refractory materials.

Refractory materials: history and classification

Refractory materials (refractories) are materials manufactured on the basis of mineral raw materials and characterized by the ability to maintain without significant violations of their functional properties in a variety of service conditions at high temperatures.


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The article deals with the classification and properties of refractory concretes.


Refractory concrete

Refractory concretes are mixtures of refractory aggregates and cements, which when solidified, turn into a stone-like material capable of maintaining the specified mechanical properties under prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Recently, the refractory industry produces an increasing number of non-ignition refractory products. They can be considered as refractory concretes on the basis that, by analogy with conventional concretes, they consist of a refractory filler, inert at normal temperatures, and a binder of mineral or organic origin.

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